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Veg Momo

Steamed Mixed Vegetables Stuffed Dumplings


Chicken Momo

Steamed ground Chicken Stuffed Dumplings


Yak Momo

Steamed ground yak Stuffed Dumplings


Veg Pokauda

Deep-Fried Mixed Vegetables Battered With Chickpeas Flour And Spices (Vegan).


Chicken Pokauda

Deep-Fried Chicken Strips Battered With Chickpeas Flour And Spices.


Cheese Pakora

Deep-Fried Cheese, Battered With Chickpeas Flour And Seasoned With Spices.


Potato Pickle Salad

Boiled Potato Garnished With Spring Onions, Cilantro, Chili, Turmeric, And Roasted Sesame-Seed Paste. Served At Room Temperature (Vegan).


House Special Sampling Platter

Combination Of Potato Pickle, Himalayan Tandoor Chicken, Vegetable Mo-Mo, And Cheese Pakoda.



Vegetable (Green Peas, Potato). Turnover With Indian Spices Served With Tamerined Sauce (Vegan).



Mulligatwany Soup

Prepared With Traditional Indian Style Lentils Cooked With White Meat Chicken.


Chicken Soup

Prepared With White Meat Chicken, Peas, Vegetables, And Himalayan Sauce.


Vegetable Soup

Finely Chopped Vegetables With Mushrooms, Grean Peas, Asafotidu, And Himalayan Sauce.


Lentil Soup

Traditional Homestyle Cooked Lentils, Finished With Cilantro.


Nepali Set Menu(Thali)

Vegetable Thali

Choice of two vegetable & lentil,naan,rice served with pickle and cup of tea.


Non Vegetable Thali

Choice of chicken curry, chicken masala, lamb curry,lamb masala, shrimp masala or fish masala, we serve vegetable lentil, rie,naan with pickle and cup of tea.


Thukpa"Hearty Noodle Soup"

Chow mien(Chicken/vegetable)

Tbelan wheat noodle prepaw with mix vegetable and chicken or vegetable in Himalayan spices.


Vegetable Thukpa

Mixed vegetables and house mad pasta simmered in thick broth using fresh herbs ans spices.


Non Vegetable Thukpa

Mix vegetable and choice of chicken or lamb cooked with pasta and himalayan spices


Himalayan Thukpa

A Mixer of chicken, lamb,egg, vegetables and house made pasta.


Chicken or Lamb Stew

Simmered chicken or lamb and himalayan spices.This dish is often served on trekking routes.

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Yak Meat/Veal

Yak Mo-Mo (Dinner size)

Ground Yak Meat seasoned and stuffed dumpling


Veal Chilli

Veal meat sauteed with green chili , bell pepper, onions,tomoto,and himalayan spices.


Yak Stew

yak meat cooked with potatoes,caraway seed, onion, garlic, and himalayan spices.


Veal Meatball

Ground veal seasoned & meat ball, cooked in tomatoes creamy sauce



Green Salad

Mixed Green Salad With Home-Made Dressing.


Tofu Salad

Green Salad Topped With Tofu, Cucumber, Sesame Seeds, And Almonds.


Vegetable Curry

Aloo Gobi(Vegan)

Potatoes And Cauliflower Cooked With Tomatoes, Onions, And Himalayan Spices, Prepared To Perfection.


Baigoon Aloo

Eggplant And Potatoes Sauteed With Nepali Spices(vegan).


Green Beans

Green Beans Sauteed With Garlic And Himalayan Spices(Vegan).



Bamboo Shoots And Potatoes Cooked With Himalayan Spices(Vegan).


Fresh Spinach

Fresh Spinich Sauteed With Garlic And Himalayan Spices(Vegan).



Okra Sauteed With Tomatoes, Onion, Bell Pepper, And Himalayan Spices(Vegan).


Tofu Saag

Sauteed Tofu Cooked With Pureed Spinach And Seasoned With Himalayan Spices(Vegan).


Chanaa Masala

Garbanzo Beans Cooked In Onions, Tomatoes, And Himalayan Spices(Vegan).



Cabbage Sauteed With Mustard Seed, Onion, Tomato, And Himalayan Spices(Vegan).


Mushroom Peas

Mushroom And Peas Cooked With Onion, Tomato Creamy Sauce And Himalayan Spice.


Mix Vegetables

Varieties Of Vegetables And Mushroom Pan-Fried With Onions, Tomatoes, And Himalayan Spices, "Pure Vegan".


Matter Paneer

Cooked With Himalayan Creamy Sauce onoin,tomoto,ginger, garlic & Diced Home Made Paner And Green Peas.


Paneer T. Masala

Cooked With Himalayan Creamy Sauce With Diced Home Made Panir.


Baby Egg Plant

Prepared With homemade Pinute Sauce And Ginger Garlic And Onion.


Palak Panner

Homemade Cheese Cubs Cooked With Pureed Spinach Seasoned With Himalayan Spices.


Vegetable Koma

Mix Vegetables Cooked With Creamy Sauce And Himalayan Herbs.


Clay Oven Roasted

Himalayan Tandoori Chicken

Tender Chicken Quarter Leg Overnight Marinated In Himalayan Spices.


Lamb Sekuwa (Slow Oven Cooked Lamb)

Lamb Overnight Marinated In Himalayan Spices.


Garlic Mint Chicken

Garlic Breast Marinated With Mint, Cilantro, Garlic And Himalayan Spice.


Mix Platter

Combination Of Sekuwa Chicken, Lamb, And Shrimp.


(Himalayan) Shrimp Sekuwa

Jumbo Shrimps Marinated In Himalayan Spices.


Vegetable Sekuwa

Bell Pepper, Mushroom, Onion, Egg Plant,tofu,potato And Tomato Marinate With Himalayan Spice(veggie).


Tandoor-Fish Tikka

Salmon Slow Baked In Tandoor With Himalayan Spices.



Salmon Fish

Specially Pre-Marinated Pan-Grilled Salmon, Served With Sauteed Spinach And Cucumber Salad.


Coconut Fish

Salmon Cooked In Coconut Milk And Himalayan Spices.


Coconut Shrimps

Shrimp Cooked In Coconut Milk And Himalayan Spices.


Fish Masala

Salmon Cooked In Tomato Creamy Sauce And Himalayan Spices.


Shrimp Masala

Shrimps Cooked In Tomato Creamy Sauce And Himalayan Spices.


Shrimp Saag

Shrimp Cooked With Pureed Spinach And Seasoned With Himalayan Spices.


Fish Curry Vindaloo

Salmon Cooked With Ginger, Garlic, Cumin And Home Made Sauce With Potato.


Shrimp Curry Vindaloo

Shrimp Cooked In Onion, Ginger With Potato.



Classic Chicken Curry

Chicken Cook With Onion, Tomato, Ginger, Garlic, And Himalayan Spice.


Chicken Chili

Boneless Pieces Of Chicken Sauteed With Green Chili, Bell Pepper, Onions, And Himalayan Spices.


Chicken Saag

Chicken Cooked With Pureed Spinach, Onion, Tomato, And Himalayan Spices.


Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Breast Cooked In tomoto and onoin Creamy Sauce And Himalayan Spices.


Chicken Makhni

Oven Baked Chicken Cooked In Onion, Tomatoes And Himalayan Sauce.


Chicken Karai

Prepared With Boneless Chicken With Diced Onion And Green Pepper And Finished With Fresh Lime Juice.


Chicken Korma

Tandoor Boneless Chicken Cooked With Creamy Sauce And Himalayan Herbs.


Chicken Vindaloo

Chicken Cooked With Ginger, Garlic Cumin, Vinegar And Homemade Sauce With Pieces Of Potato.



Classic Lamb Curry

Fresh Diced Lamb Meat Cooked With Onion, Tomatoes, Ginger, And Himalayan Spices.


Lamb Vindaloo

Lamb Cooked With Ginger, Garlic, Cumin, Vinegar And Home Made Sauce With Pieces Of Potato.


Lamb Saag

Lamb Cooked With Purred Creamy Spinach, And Himalayan Spices.


Lamb Tikka Masala

Lamb Cooked In Onion And Tomato Creamy Sauce And Himalayan Spices.



Phing is regarded as an auspicious dish as the long noodles represent long life. One of the main ingredients used in phing is emma "timboor", sichuan pepper and star anis phing are thin transparent noodles made from bean flour.

Vegetable Phing

Lightly Sauteed Mushrooms And Varieties Of Vegetables, Tomato, Himalayan Spices, And Simmered With Beans Noodle.


Non Vegetable Phing

Choice Of Chicken Or Lamb Simmered With Phing, Onions And Himalayan Spices.




Stone Ground Whole-Wheat Fine Flour Flat-Leavened Bread Baked In Clay Oven. A Typical Bread From Chef`S Homeland.


Tibetian Bread

Deep-Fried Whole-Wheat Flour Bread



Leavened Bread Baked In Clay Oven.


Garlic Naan

Leavened Bread Garnished With Garlic And Cilantro, Baked In Clay Oven.


Appricot Naan

Appricot Stuffed With Naan And Served With Fruit Chuthery.


Chicken Naan

Chicken Stuffed With Naan.


Cheese Naan

Home Made Cheese Stuffed With Naan.


Paratha (Lachha)

Multi Layered Whole Wheat Baked In Clay Oven.


Pisuwari Naan

Resin, Chestnut And Peanut Stuff With Sweeten Naan.


Side Order


Steamed Himalayan Basmati Rice.



Lentils Simmered In Himalayan Special Spices.



Choice Of Mint Chutney, Mango Chutney Or Tamarind Chutney.



Crackers Made With Stone Ground Lentil Flour.


Fried Rice

Vegetable Fried Rice

Sauteed Associated Vegetables, Steam Rice And Seasoned With Himalayan Spices.


Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Stir-Fried With Steam Rice, Onions, Green Peas, And Himalayan Spice


Mix Fried Rice

Mixed Fried Rice With Chicken, Lamb, Egg And Vegetables.




House-Made Rice Pudding Topped With Almonds, Walnuts, And Raisins.


Ice Cream

Orange Ice Cream And Vanilla Ice Cream.


Gulab Jamun

Home Made milk bulb finished with Sweet Syrup


Hot Beverages

Masala Teapot

Himalayan Herb And Tea Simmered And Cooked With Milk.


Darjeeling Teapot

Hand Made And Dry Tea Leaves.


Herbal Teapot

Choice Of Ginger Tea, Green Tea, Or Herb Tea.


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